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Planning on Buying a Benz Need advice

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Hey Guys my first post, i was wondering if you guys could help me out with some questions.

I'm planning on buying a MBenz, either a C Class or the M Class, im just affraid that when i buy mine they are going to put out a new model.

Does anybody know when they plan to put the new model of the C Class, i know that there is a new design for the M Class, im just wondering when that will be out.

My dad was going to buy an S class, but i told him that they have a new shape coming out i believe either o6, or 07 in Canada. I wanted to always buy a G Class, but with the new design that i have seen my desires have been eliminated.

Also i was wondering, i dont know that much about MBenz as most of you guys, but is Bose there affiliated Sound System or is it that Harmond somthing somthing.

Can you guys help me out.
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Personally, I wouldn't look at either. The M class is a truck built in Alabama, not a mercedes. The C class is MB's version of a K car..

Personally, I wouldn't touch the new MB's. Even my S600 has been a let down, as such we're selling it in favour of an 560SEC AMG.

What ever you buy, the one thing you should Definetly do is get the best, longest warantee you can, and when that expires sell it.

On what rationale are you basing that statement? All my experiences w/ M's have been, well, crap.

Well J Unit I have had my C280 1999 for 6 yrs now and I haven't had a problem. I give it its oil change and filter and ride again. I have read and seen bad experience about the MB but my little C280 has not given me any issues or any other technical problems. I plan to get the new E55 but not sure when. The C-Class I have a friend that has a 2003 C230 Kompressor, Hardon Kardon sounds, CD and stuff, had it for a year so far she enjoys it. I heard about the new design on the C-Class I think around 2006, so wait for now and see[:)] Good luck
They are both really different cars. I wouldn't go for the current M Class because the new model is out later this year. However if you are willing to wait for the new one, it will be a big improvement.

The current C-Class (which I own), I would definately recommend. It has recently had a great facelift and that has earned itself the 'What Car? Compact Executive of the Year'. The new model isn't out until 2008, and I always feel that recently facelifted models are the best to buy.
I've had my C280 for ten years, 153k miles and I had my first problems this summer. I had to replace the water pump and radiator. I think the C-Class is a good car but this body style has been out since 2000. I would wait until May and take a look at the new BMW 3 series. But if I were to looking to buy another MB, I would look at the new CLS. Brand new entry so you know they won't be changing the body anytime soon.
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