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funny you ask....

i use to work for Mark's Auto Sound here in San Gabriel, CA in my high school years. we've done everything from Hummers, to lambo's, to police cars. they do very good work there and he's been around for over 20 or so years. i was just there again today and to my surprise there's a huge project in the works. CLK55 with full alpine and mcIntosh components. <br> <br> I took pictures of course and the car looks awesome. personally, i don't think i would have taken it to that extent. but the craftmanship of the work is really something else. i suppose this is starting to sound like a plug for them so i'll stop. there is a link to their website with pictures of the CLK55. fyi, a lot has been done since these pictures were updated. but i have to ask permission from the owner b4 i can put them up for you to see. <p>
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