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Sorry, I'd been away for a bit and never responded. I believe the cost was worth it, as far as roll in hard turns..its is less than when I had Michelin MX4's but I think my shocks and springs are probably a little soft so they take some of the roll and sway when going into a turn, I'd like to tighten up the feel and maybe drop it down a little with some new Bilstein Shocks and Eibach springs, my friend is doing his E320. I'll see how his turns out before I make the investment<br> <br> ssb
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Thanx ssb. I think I'll go with Yok's for the same reason as you mentioned-the mech told me the front end is loose, but nothing requires replacement yet. So, cheaper tire but still soft/quiet ride. The same guy advised me to get Michelin Energy(??)due to soft sidewall=comfort in the Merc (for $113 per tire they can keep it). The guy doing the alignment suggested replacing front struts due to side play. Have bilsteins waiting in the garage-just no time :-(((,
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