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Hi Guys,

I will be ordering a w210 2din wood console and a 2din cage for my 1996 e420 from steve in MbenzNL, and I want your advice on a good head unit. I was thinking of the pioneer p3250bt which is also a standard double din, but will it fit properly and has anyone tried a pioneer unit?

Or should I get the original comand, he can offer me a refurbished comand with the wood trim and the cage for 1025 euro including shipping, but could I get my phone to work with it, and does it support an ipod or something for music?

One more question, the speaker covers in the rear say bose, but Im not sure if the car has a bose sound system, how do I make sure that I have a bose amplifier (sorry if its a stupid question but im a junior here lol). I have a blaupunkt aftermarket unit that I installed a few years back, but If i take it out there is a cable that isn't connected to anything which seems like an amplifier cable but Im not sure,

I would appreciate your advice,
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