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Pioneer N1 Install

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Finally got the N1 installed properly, has nav and dvd in it and plays mp3's so i figured better bet then the original console from benz, plus i dont have multimedia wheel so didnt affect me much. I got the benz background on it so almost trick passengers into thinking its original mercedes deck.[8D] Have it run with 2 infinity 12's and jbl amp, sounds good.


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looks good but that center console looks so naked without the heated seats buttons and the xenon headlight washer button

also what size is that screen? i had the avx7300dvd with 7" widescreen in my old w202 and the screen looked bigger than that. mine didnt have all that thick trim on the sides, top and bottom. i also swapped the headunit with the climate control so the screen was further up. if i had to blast the ac or heat i would just close the screen for a few
How come you didnt install this unit in the lower din so that when the screen is up , you can still access your climate control. [8)]
i originally did have it lower but the angle wasnt as good so moved it up top, plus i can put my cd's there if i need too. Yes the screen is 7", maybe its how the pic is that it might look smaller and yes i wish i did have heated seats and xenons to have those extra buttons butttt didnt get it [B)] ... maybe next time, i just tap the screen button and it folds down for 10 seconds, enough time for me to adjust the climate and then it will go back up ... have to comprimise somewhere i guess.
no compromises [;)]


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looks awesome buddy! i just wanted to play with the angles on mine and higher up for the passengers ... i dont lcd's in the back headrests yet hehe [:p] soon enough ...
how did you put the MB background on your unit, is there a usb port or something on the unit to uplooad?
got the same exact unit in my car with 2 jl w6's and a jl amp..

however mines in the bottom so it doesn't cover up the all the air control buttons and shit.. i fucking scratched up the navi dvd so gotta buy another one.. anyone know where to get one..

lastly someone asked how you put the backround on the unit is sick its basically like a little computer you just burn shit to a cd create a folder on the cd and the unit reads the cd and you can view files and shit.. unit can play mpegs and other media formats..

i like how castors unit looks more but ours is prob. a better all around unit..
ya you just create a folder i think called BL or something like that and insert the pics in it and it will upload as a background to the unit ... phade you have the same N1? if so i can hook you up with "backups" of the nav dvd's if you pay for shipping. email me [email protected]

I'm also looking to install one of those in my CLK Cab. Could you please tell how you install it, what kind of problems you did encounter and where you install the concealed unit.

to be honest with you, i'm not very technical so got it installed at my buddy's workplace and i know he put the brain under the seat. The hardest thing was to get the speed sensor to work but eventually they got the correct wiring. Otherwise there were no problems, just takes times to get used to all the features, but its amazing on what it can do.
Hey man,
Looks great.....
Have a question though, did you manage to get the steering wheel volume control to work with this unit ?
i dont have the multimedia steering wheel so wouldnt know but my buddy has one and couldnt get it working with his deck.
Does anyone know if the N1 can integrate with the original Bose speaker system or do you have to change everything to be compatible? Does anyone have glare problems in their convertables?
I have a 99 Cab with no steering wheel controls and I want great Nav and the ability to run my iPod throught the system.
yes you can integrate it.. glare is not a problem..
Can you please email me the Mercedes-benz background or let me know where you got it so i can install it on my Pioneer N1R. Thanks
Markh3881 - 5/18/2005 4:43 PM

Can you please email me the Mercedes-benz background or let me know where you got it so i can install it on my Pioneer N1R. Thanks
email me at [email protected] and i will reply with the attached picture. It looks like this but dont use this one as the quality degrades if you try to put this on your n1


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suprised none of you tried this
yo arabian some shit happened to my pioneer n1.. the screen doesn't turn on sometimes it just sits black.. and the little knob on the right side doesn't work at all.. for switching between songs etc.. so i have to use the touch screen for everything.. the mute button on the volume doesn't work either anymore and the tilt screen buttons dont work.. this all happened when it started getting hot.. so i dont know what the fuck i'm going to sound advice tommorow to get it looked at i got a warranty so they are either replacing it witha brand new one.. or i'm getting a different deck.. hopefully a diff deck.. i really really like that kenwood that castorpimp has..
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