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Piece of crap BMW.

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Im so pissed. I just finished pushing my dads piece of sh*t BMW home. I hit a speedbump at a normal speed, the car just dies out. Just cranks. Cranks cranks and cranks. What a piece of sh*t. I dont know why I was driving this and not the Diesel. You can crash that Diesel into a wall and it would still run. Im finshed with this car.
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If its a newer BMW don't let the battery die the odometer may reset back to zero [}:)]
Please don’t post new threads about something everyone already knows is true. [;)][:D]
fuel cut-off switch?

which model is it and what year? i'm curious :)
Its a 1990 535i. He just bought for dirt cheap. He buys and sells cars all the time. I dont know why he liked this one so much. And the reason I was driving it was he told me it was really fast. Which it was. But nothing like a Benz.
You must have activated the fuel cut off somehow.

Your fault for driving such a heap[:D]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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