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Pictures of 82 380 SL fuel return line

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Did a search and came up empty. I have a 380 that has been sitting for a couple of years and does not want to stay running. At first it would run for a few miles then start sputering and very hard to keep it running.
What i have done.
pulled tank and cleaned
install new strainer in bottom of tank
fuel pump replaced by previous owner I can hear it running and did a pressure test of 100psi
replaced fuel filter. Alot of rust came out.

After doing these things it starts rough and idles then the pump starts moaning and it starts to die.

I know that 100 is too high so I am thinking the return line may be clogged. I dont know which line is the fuel line. POS Haynes manual is very vague.
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Does your '82 have the fuel cooler provision on the AC line? I think it does, it's the fuel distributor return line that goes through the fuel cooler
Yes, thank you I thought I was going crazy. How would I clear that line?
I'd disconnect the line after the cooler and put some compressed air thru to the fuel tank.

No, I don't. Post some pics of your fuel distributor and the cooler if you can.
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