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Pics of my 190E 3.0 at Brands Hatch

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It's taken all weekend to do this, I won't go into details but essentially I am completely computer illitertate. I have some video but if I continue trying to make the camcorder communicate to the PC I will end up breaking something.

This is Professional Photo taken at druids.

This is me overtaking a Lotus Exige on the home straight. (The Lotus did have a missfire though.)[:D]

This is the GF showing off her photography skills. (1 of a few with a car in it. I also have 30 pics of the track.)[:D]

For my first trackday I was very impressed with how well the car felt on the limit and beyond. Although since the 124 sway bar was fitted it does suffer from understeer. I was worried when having the cylinder head drilled and timeserted the day before but it all held together very well and fairly competetive considering the frightening line up in the pit lane. Consistantly lapping at 1m05 I am very pleased.
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Mmmm!!! 2.3-16v or 3.0. I should really be saying 3.0 but it is a heavy engine and because of it's legnth does make the car a little off balance. The straight 6 isn't as revy as the 4 cyl either. BUT the noise from the straight 6 is something else and it makes me smile every time I drive it.

The X on the headlights is tape. The idea is should you get a little close to the car infront it helps hold the glass in and off the track. Hopefully I'll never know if it really works. (oops too slow as usual.)

Off to Nurburgring on Saturday Hopefully I'll get some good pics and return in one piece.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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