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PICS from VIR NASA track day 2/18 - 2/20

Here's the link. My favorite cars to pass were the C32 and M Coupe that were there. Granted they'd blow me away in the straights, but I always caught them in the turns, which in NASA HPDE, because your classed by experience with NASA and there is no passing in the turns in groups 1 and 2, you have to give a point-by in the straights to cars that catch you in the turns.

I bought SSR comps with PS2s for the event which ended up not fitting and the tire service on site only had Hoosier 245s which wouldn't clear the front strut housing either, so I ended up running on P-Zero M+S tires and still turning out 2:35+ times on the 3.27 mile course. The spec miata record there is 3:27.nn and to my knowledge the GTS Challenge GTS3 group e36 M3s turned a best of 2:14.nn during the Endoru on Sun. Tires, weight reduction, and a little more HP and I'll be there.

EDIT: is it me or is the cross forum in-fighting just a little rediculas? All I want to do is share some pics without going through the pain of uploading them again, or placing them somewhere completely remote and unreliable, and I get starred. Anyway, I suppose anyone who wants to look know what to replace the * with once the URL is in the browser with a page not found error but, M B World

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