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Picked up the '64 220s

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Here is the good.....

The Bad.....

The ugly.....

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Here is the donor during the strip down. May look horrid but holy cow does that engine run smooth!

Here is what was in the trunk (one grill was on the car)

Here it is before unloading. Found this thing in a rough neighborhood in Detroit.
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You have $1,000 worth of parts there.
Thats great.... I paid $300 for the car and with the trailer and gas I would say I have $400 invested. As long as I get my money back I'll be happy.
Progress is being made

Progress report.

It has been moving along slowly, but moving along nonetheless. I have a long way to go. I opted to work on the cheap easy stuff first. Then I'll tackle the gas tank, carb replacement, brakes, some fabrication and exhaust. 2 of my doors did not work properly because of bad hinges. I managed to fix those with parts from the donor car.

Made a new parcel shelf out of some oak plywood I had laying around.

Removed some wood trim

Removed the back seat

Sanded the trim and one of the doors window trim

Had a broken hinge to replace

And I have a coat of stain on the trim. I opted to go with a red oak stain and then will cover it with a clear semi gloss marine grade urethane
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21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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