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Picked up the '64 220s

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Here is the good.....

The Bad.....

The ugly.....

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Seals are located all over eBay, and of course at the stealerships. That back window shelf looks bad, but that's an easy fix - take the thing out and replace it with particle board (the kind my dad hangs in his garage and attaches his tools to with hooks). Cover it with carpet from Autozone or a local carper place, and you're golden.

The dash is a loss, I'm afraid to say. My 108 was intact but cracked, so I bought a dash cap from eBay and glued it on. No one's the wiser. If you can find a cap for yours, you could fill it with foam rubber and a layer or two of fiberglass resin in the missing areas, and again, no one would be the wiser.

As for the door guards and sheared pins, I'd suggest loosening the bolts and adjusting the fit for each door. The missing pins can be found (or made from longer bolts) and replaced.

I wouldn't say the car's a complete loss, but you'll need to invest some sweat equity to bring her back into civilized society :)

I'd be more worried about the fuel system and old gas, if the car's been sitting for 8 years.
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I looked at the back seats again - they don't look so bad. I didn't see rips or tears. Get yourself some Simple Green and a soft scrub brush, and scrub them clean with a mild solution. Unless they were re-covered with leather, the material is the fake stuff. If the color fades, you can buy ready-made cans of dye from World Upholstery (, I think). I've used them for three Benz restorations now, to include dye.

If the seats are saggy, new pads are available from the same folks, and the replacement is deceptively easy. Do some general searching in this forum for the same subject and you'll find some good information on doing such. If you don't want to buy new seat internals, you can use old blankets (for my W114, I went to a second hand shop and bought a bunch of blankets for a few bucks)

As for carbs, I'm way out of my league. The gas tank though, unless rusted through, can easily be saved. Take it to a radiator shop and have it steam cleaned and recoated. It's a common job.
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1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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