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hello all,

I bought a 98 SL500 yestderday, tripple black with 67K miles. Car is in ok shape for a 70K mile sl ;) As of right now my only plans are new wheels and springs. I know what i what just not sure where to get them and if i need any spacers. so ill just tell you what i want and you all tell me what i need ;)

19X8 front CL style III (ultra thin amg wheels)
19X9.5 rear.

Im guessin a i need a 245-35-19 front and 275-30-19 rear, or at least that is what i ran on a CLK430.

Now for sping i just want to take the finder "gap" out. Im not interested in slammed to the earth, scrap on speed bumps, lowering job just want to lower it like a 1" maby 1.5.

So any info or suggestion you have let me know.
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