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Photoshop kings?

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hey if anyone is good at photoshopping or even just okay, and have some time, Id like to see how these two feels would look on my clk320.

Here is my car: CIMG0827.JPG

The rims (different rims)

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lol, close enough, I think the second set looks better right?

they are both 17's.
wow, you're right. The guy also said the back tires are bigger than the fronts, so I think itll give it that rugged look. Very nice. thanks
can anyone tell what kind of lug pattern those last wheels have by looking at them? the guy said it came off an s320, he didnt give me a year though, i'm wondering if their 5x112 so they can fit my clk.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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