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Photo DIY- V-Belt Change

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Another Example of "OVER-MAINTAINING", but for the Cost, and Ease of Change??? It is worth every PENNY to have the peace of mind NOT have a Belt Snap out in the middle of nowhere...

I understand the modern belts can go many MANY times the Old-School belts! (? 100K+ miles ?).

It also gives me the chance to Check EVERY Pully and Wheel running on the Belt circut, so as to catch any Faulty Bearing EARLY.
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Where are the instructions and pics???
Where are the instructions and pics???
What the Flum?? Looks as if they have "Disappeared". Will have to re-send them when I get home..
Sorry... Don't know what happened to the images.



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I really appreciate this and all your other DIY's.
It makes it easy for the weekend mechanic like myself to see each of the steps and visualize the job.

Again, thanks!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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