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A big "Thank you" to everybody who contributed to this DIY guide. It had been more than two years that my father's car had the "SRS" warning and "Airbag Off" constantly lit, but due to the high repair cost he didn't have it fixed. The dealer had confirmed that it was the seat sensor a while ago, so today I removed the seat and inspected the unit.

Although the unit and the wiring seemed intact, testing with a multimeter showed that it was a wiring fault. One of the three cables that exist inside the black insulation was broken due to constant stress, but the insulation on the outside had absolutely no signs of damage. Quite deceiving I must say. A small piece of cable and a little time with the soldering iron solved it. As others said before me, always test the wiring before buying a seat grid, the repair cost of the cables is minimal in comparison to a complete new unit.

Thanks again everyone!
1 - 1 of 158 Posts
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