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I swaps the front cushions few days ago and while pulling the sensor, I broke it. I was not impreesed with that. MB quoted me 90 pounds for a new one...
I fixed it, now, I don't know how long it will hold but its working.
The sensor coil was broke in half. I tried to put it back together but there was no way possible. It was not working.
After many attempts like scrapping the plastic with a razor blade to uncover the conductor, it just shreed away as too thin.
I was able to separate the two plastic half enclosing the conductor but bugger, the one side that was free was the black one, the protective non conductive part...
At this time, I decide to put some acetone on the back black stuff ant it disolved it, revealing the meatalic conductor. This took a lot of time and thinking but finally I got it.
From there I just taped some wire to the conductor. Its not pretty but it work. You need to understand that I went so many times back and forth that at the end, pretty or not pretty, who cares.
The main thing, it work, dunno for how long though.


1 - 1 of 158 Posts
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