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Well, I'm quite impressed!

I got 102,000 miles from the Original Front Brake Pads! I was also shocked to see Both the Front & Rear Rotors were still at a 'NEW' thickness of 32mm/22mm respectively, so Pad-Change-Only today!

As part of my 100K service, I noticed the front pads were thin. The rear pads were 'NEAR-NEW' in thickness, but I opted to change them anyways.

Since my Mantra is always, "THEEEEEEEEE most important system in a car is: *THE BRAKES* " I strongly encourage you have a professional do the brake-work if you are even the SLIGHTEST bit apprehensive. It is not only YOU who will be injured if a failure happens... it is ALSO those of us sharing the road along side you!!!

That being said, the W212 is a very easy brake change. Please note, there are models with FIXED, and those with 'Floating' calipers.

This DIY is for a 2011 W212.056 with Floating calipers. As always, consult your WIS for proper procedures on your particular vehicle, and EPC for correct part #'s.


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