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As part of a "Full Body Cavity" Repair-Visit to my Mother-in-Law's...

Burned-Out Instrument Cluster Bulbs was on the List.

Please note: This is for a 1996 C220 (W202.022), so the Type/Number of bulbs will Vary.

I purchased the Bulbs from AutoHausAZ, at a FRACTION of the cost as the dealer... and they were the OEM Osram Bulbs...

Be EXCEEDINGLY CAREFUL Removing the Cluster, as there are many reports of Folks "Breaking" the Cluster Lens or Plastic Surround. They are very VERY Expensive to replace. If you pull the Cluster out only a few Millimeters at a time... and Alternate between Left & Right, you should have no problems.... I have taken out many of these, with *NO* broken lenses!

The M-B tool shown is only a couple of bucks, but will make the job really REALLY easy to do!



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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