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Photo DIY- Fuel Injection System Cleaning

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Yes, Yes, I know, all of the M-B Literature will say something to the effect "Such Services are not NEEDED, nor Recommended.."

All I know is, the Local Dealership STRONGLY Recommends such a Service.
With Ethanol Gas being the Norm... I've also been hearing "Stories" that such Gas is Horrible on Fuel Injectors.

Thus, I Routinely perform an Injector Service at 30,000 mile Intervals, and will Probably increase it to 20,000 Miles.

Although the True Service also Includes a Throttle Body Cleaning... I "usually" don't do that extra step, Simply because I've inspected my Throttle Bodies, and they are Perfectly Clean.

I understand it is a bit of a "Tool Outlay Expense" for 99% of Owners... but it is obviously worth it for me and my "Fleet".

This post is mostly as "Entertainment Value Only", since I doubt anyone will waste their time... and to show there is a bit of Time Involved with doing the Service... So when the Dealer/Mechanic wants to charge you for, what?, 2 Hours of time?? It may actually take that long. The Car actually Runs for nearly 40 Minutes on that one can of Injector Cleaner.
You really want to Adjust the Pressure such that the engine is BARELY Running... with the Philosophy of "The Longer the Material is Running-In... the BETTER the Results".
The same applies to the 44K Product. You DON'T want to do the usual "Wait til' it's down to less than a 1/4 Tank and dump the can in...." It's the Opposite- Mix the Can to the Maximum Dilution stated on the Can, and let the stuff work for as LONG as Possible.

I actually use a can of 44k at each of my 5,000 Mile Oil Changes.

Speaking of Oil Change, I do the Fuel System Cleaning *PRIOR* to Performing the Oil Change, so any Garbage knocked-off will be Caught in the Oil.

You will need to Clear the Codes which will be Triggered. Also, the STAR will allow you to Perform a "Mixture Re-Adaptation" Procedure which will Bring the Fuel Management Control back to Default. From there, the Computer with "Re-Learn" Mixture Control with Clean Injectors.


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Great write up , I have heard of diesel engines may require Carbon Cleanup as well . As much as they come with AdBlue add-on I believe such services may pose no harm to engine
Now, mods need to stick up this useful topic
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