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phone replacement

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Just bought a 2002 E320 with integrated phone.
Problem: phone is AWOL!

What is the approximate cost of replacing
the phone? Worth doing? Does the system
work well?

Any insight on this topic would be most appreciated.

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I went through the same thing when I bought my 2002 E320 SW....*sigh*

It will depend whether your car is wired for a Timeport or Startac phone. Take it to a dealer & let them look at the bracket in the armrest - they can tell what model it will take. A replacement phone from them - if available is a rip-off so get one from a reputable seller on Ebay. It MUST be a Mercedes Benz badged phone (they have the chip which allows it to work with the integrated system). Just be sure the service provider on the phone (Sprint, Verizon, etc) is available in your area. Get the HEX or DEC# from the phone & call the service provider to be certain they can activate it BEFORE you buy it. Also, if you are in the USA and currently have a cell phone, you can have your phone # ported to the new phone.

Do you have the voice module? (a stalk on the right side of the steering column)
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Kate - as to the cost, again in US $, about $200 on Ebay.

I have the voice module (in DC we get a ticket if it is not "hands-free") and it is AMAZING! Once you program the system it will dial name or number by voice, display who is calling, etc., keeping you from being distracted fumbling with a phone. I'll never have another car without it.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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