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Here you go:

Yes you can send us the diffs and we can make fitment on them. The cost would be 499.95.

You can send the diffs to:

Phantom Grip
6346 Lantana Rd Suite 65
Lake Worth, FL 33463

Please be sure to include make model and year of vehicle as well as contact information.

Pro60modman wrote:

Their are a lot of mercedes guys in the US and in england questioning the prices of the kleemann LSD which is a direct match to your design. Kleemann charges thousands for this setup and a lot of mercedes guys with w210 and 211 chassis E320's, E430's, and E55's are showing a lot of interest in your products. I myself have a turbocharged E320 running 10 psi and making just under 450 hp. It is a beast and but its open diff hampers its potential. Long story short: I have a spare E320 diff and if at all possible I would like to know if you could machine one of your LSD's for it and the cost. Also several members of have E55's and are still looking for an LSD and are also very interested in your products. One member also has a spare diff he would donate without question.
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