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I'm looking to add some horsepower and handling to my '93 190e (2.6L) Any suggestions on where to start looking for parts, etc? Any help would be much appreciated... thanks!
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The 2.6 performs pretty well in the W201 body already. For more power some have fitted the 3.0 M103. The problem with the six is the effect of the extra weight out front. The fours give a better handling package. Even in the larger W124 chassis the fours are considered better handlers than the sixes. The six is very smooth and quiet though.

Obviously the 190E 2.3-16 (or 2.5-16) is going to give the best combination of performance and handling. I recently grabbed the 190E 2.3 Sportline 5-speed manual I now own when I saw it come up for sale. Whilst it does not offer the performance of the 16 valvers, I felt that it was a good compromise between performance, handling and ease of maintenance. Being a manual in a 2.3 Sportline it is very rare in Oz and the price was right as was the condition. 16 valvers are hard to find in Oz and even harder to find in good condition. They also ask double the price I paid and are an older car.

Out of interest, does anyone know production numbers for the 190E 2.3 Sportline manual?
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