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Well I'm a newbie to the board here but dide a lottle looking around. I just bought a silver clk 320 and love it to death. I unfortunatly don't know much about the car. I knew alot about my acura integra but this is a completly different car and I'm not sure where to start. I am looking to do some preformance mods as the car already looks great. Also I like the logo on the grill instead of the hood. Any help would be appriciated. Is a motor swap available with the V8 motor or is it not possible.

Let me know,

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Newbie, let me welcome you but be the first among many here who will break the news to you....GET THE HONDA\IMPORT IDEAS OUT OF YOUR HEAD. we dont make Benzes look like Hondas here, an engine swap on a Benz will be like buying a new one which is what I suggest if you want a V8. You can get a supercharger, intake kit, exhaust and things like that even an ECU program. Check out some rides here, you wont even know they are 320s and they have power too
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