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Passenger window

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Hello everyone,

I will try to be as clear as i can: Well, Can't get the passenger window up or down via the any switch. I took the door panel off, follow the wriring all the way to the driver door, nothing is broken. There is no power going to the window at all.
I managed to get some a + tive connect from the driver wirring & a ground , when negative connect to a black/blue wire the window goes up, then same negative connected to a blue wire, window shut, but i can't have both wires with ground at same time otherwise central locking fuse blow, wich is the same as the windows for some reason.
Look like that the central locking is a aftermarket. But can't find anything loose.

:( Thanks for your help
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Hi again,

i do have power on the passenger window switch on driver side, but can't open the window. I am thinking that the power stop somewhere around the central locking box when it have been install. but could be wrong

I check all the fuses i could find, they are all ok. don't have the third fuses box :)

When got power to passenger side & connect ground to the blue/black & black wire at the same time, the central locking fuse blow 25A.

Electric is not my strong point.


Thanks for the advice.

Will have a look on the driver door tomorrow.

Hi, did have another look this morning, the only place i am lost, it s hwat you see on the pics, before and after, nothing wrong.


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sorry forgot, regarding fuses F2 or F3, i don't have fuse box by passenger foot well, only under passenger seat or stering rack.

Any other fuses location somewhere ?

yes, it is a mistery.

The central locking fuse is located near the relay you can see on pic, the fuse is all alone 25A

The window system, doesn't look like to be an afermarket.

The only thing that is aftermarket is the central locking system.

i will look again on passenger side for any signs of fuses, but been spending quiet some time with my head stuck under the dash.

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