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Hello all. I am submitting this post in hope that a collective mind has a solution for what is going on. I have searched the boards and have not read anyone else with this problem. 2002 G500 the passenger window rolls down without warning. The event can happen while driving down the road at any speed, or while stopped at a light, or sitting in my garage with the car in aux mode and not even running. The mechanic at the local MB dealer looks at me as if I am crazy and cannot find anything wrong. I cannot seem to determine anything that triggers the event, hit a bump, resting my arm a certain location, nothing. I can get the window to roll up but only after a few seconds of cursing and trying the both driver or passenger window switches 8 to 10 times. Does anyone else have this problem or heard of it, the cold of winter is near and the last thing I want is it to happen in a sleet storm. Any ideas???
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