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E 280 V6 3.0 Ltr
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Hi forum,

I have a 2006 E 280 petrol with leather upholstery.
Now the passenger seat is making some rumbling noise but only when the seat is empty while driving on uneven roads. If I hold the seat with one hand while driving this noise is gone.

I had my car serviced last month and asked the dealer to check this out.
The only thing to do was filling it up with foam but it wasn't a permanent solution it could come back was the answer of the dealer.

This sound is very annoying as the rest of the ride is very smooth.

My questions any one else with similar passenger seat issues?
Any tips or tricks to fix this?

I also noticed that the airbag unit in the seat when you push it makes some noise...

Help is more then welcome...

Grtx Rick ..
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