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passanger side Rear view mirror parking position problem

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does anyone have this problem i just notice it today when i put my car in reverse the mirror doesn't move all the way down (so u can See the sidewalk)anymore i tryin messing with the settings in the car nothing works does anyone esle have this problem?
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are u talkin about that button .. which u used to switch from driver side to passenger side mirror
if thats what u alkin about i didn't that i have the button set for the passenger side mirro so when i put the car in reverse the mirror should move down so u an see the sidewalk but the mirror only move inwards NOT downwards it used to move downwards like 2 days ago since i change the battery in my keys it stop ..............
also i have another set of keys when i used them that feature don't WORK at all with this set of keys i don't know why can anyone help?
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