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Like the title says, I'll be parting out an '86 2.3 16v 'Cosworth' in the next couple weeks. Located in central VA; I regularly ship freight and large ground packages, so I have no issue boxing up and shipping anything you might be interested in!

Tranny, seats, interior poly paneling are spoken for. I'm looking to hold onto front doors, wheels, and suspension as well, but can be convinced otherwise...

Engine needs a bottom up rebuild; shaft, bearings, pistons and/or rods questionable. Fuel and oil distribution included. Top end - intake, exhaust, valves, and housing - are fine. Oil pump and timing chain are dead. Oil cooler is fine. Radiator and hoses included. Will have this crated up first and have photos and info as I go.

Console, cluster, and center panels all available, as is the steering wheel.

LSD, trans, and brake parts available.

Body kit available, though it may be one of the last things I crate up. Grille, headlights, and tail lights available. Most body panels available.

Offers? Need something I didn't list? PM!
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