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1990 190E
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My daughter and I have a late 1980's (I think) 190E that we picked up for a few of the parts. The car is minus the motor and transmission along with several of the motor parts. I would love to take pictures of everything but that would fill up a lot of space. I will be happy to take pictures of the parts you are interested in. I've have a lot of experience with shipping parts in the USA but no so much worldwide but I'd be willing :)

I believe it is a 1988 model but if anyone knows how I can tell please do let me know!

I have some real nice parts:

rear seat - blue
passenger seat - blue
passenger side rear door minus the guts
drivers side glass
many moldings and trim pieces
front door panels
gauge cluster
4 matching rims

and I have some usable parts but they will need some work
drivers seat - blue
drivers side doors
rear quarters
rear bumper
heater control - needs a knob

and finally I have many smaller parts that are too numerous to list. Ask and I'll let you know!

I would be interested in cash or trade for some nice body accent pieces or a nice set of good sporty wheels for it. I would also be willing to trade for body and paint work if you are local to the Green Bay Wisconsin area! Prices for the parts start at $5.00 and go up from there :)
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