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Partial removal of headliner

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Has anyone removed just the rear part of the headliner on a 2006 C55. All I find is information on removing the complete unit.
I think I need to check the connections for the AM radio and Remote lock. There are indications that the contacts between the antenna and the antenna amplifier (A2/12) at the rear window need cleaning. WIS suggested that dirty contacts were the cause. The COMAND AM radio worked intermittently and then stopped altogether and at the same time the remote stopped functioning. These are evidently dependent on the rear antenna. Ref. doc.GF82.62-P-0001A
Thank you for any feedback
Stache, South of Fort Worth
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You may be able to check those connections by removing the C-pillar trim. The antenna amplifier is on the driver’s side. To remove the C-pillar trim you need to pry out the plastic plug that says SRS and remove the Torx fastener behind it. The panel fits into the rear deck with plastic extensions. I think there is a metal clip that holds it to the side of the roof pillar.
Check the third post in this thread.

It shows the connection for the antenna which is located under the driver's side C-pillar trim. I recently replaced my headliner. I don't remember seeing anything above the headliner that seemed related to your problems. In any event, I recommend that you check for the components behind the C-pillar trim before doing anything to the headliner. Removing and replacing the C-pillar trim is much less difficult than removing and replacing the headliner.

I think the cold weather is on its way to Virginia. It was in the mid-60's today and it may snow Monday.
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