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Part number and availability

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I was doing a valve adjustment on my 81 240D and I noticed a broken connector in my main vacuum line from the pump to the brake booster. It's the piece that is fit into the large black vacuum line that has two small connectors coming off of it that feed vacuum back to the injector pump. Both fittings are cracked, can this piece be replaced as an individual unit or do I have to get the whole large line replacement? I looked at Arizona Autohaus and didn't see it listed. Anyone have any ideas what the part number is or where I could find it? Thanks, Bach
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You have 3 to choose from on AutohausAZ:[email protected]&[email protected]&year=1981&[email protected]%20%26%20Wheel%20Hub&[email protected]%20Hose/Line




The second one is what I have on my car, I'm not sure which is right for yours but I'd go with what looks most identical to yours. Incidentally, my old one also had a broken nipple on one of those two leads.
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