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2001 ML320
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While I was installing the Drawtite Hitch on my 2001 ML320, I just found that some kinda wiring that starts from the right side of the car and then connects to some kinda of flat rubber patches that are attached to each side of the rear bumper.

Unfortunately, left wiring was cut and disconnected since the it couldn't support the weight of the bumper.

The car ran well without it, but it makes me nervous. Could you guys please let me know what that is?

My guess is it is the antenna for the 6 cd changer, but not sure.


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It’s a secondary antenna used by the Teleaid and navigation systems. If you don’t subscribe to Teleaid and don’t have NAV, then don’t worry about it. Even if you do use those options, they will likely still work with their main antennas (mounted on the roof).
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