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Parking light plu in

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Could someone point me to where this plug in female is located. I have looked o
All over udneathe the front and can fid nada female hookup


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Tks, illgo pull a headlight off and check it out
I have vacuum euro headlights and there is no place to plug in the amber boxy turn signals
Interesting day today. I bought a set of banana turn signals and grills from dan the man dgosh. But what i found is that if you have the vacuum front headlight wipers, you cannot mount the banana turn signals lights. This sat i have help coming over to remove my front euro bumper and see if i can disconnect the headlight wiper gizmos and then mount the banana lights. Ill never use tbe headlight wipers but ill keep everything for the next guy. I have to remove the front bumper to get those two amber boxes i
Off for you cant get a phillips screwdriver in to remove the wiper box either. Friday im having to pinstripes put on front fender to rear tail light right along the ridge . Im thinking 2 small stripes, maybe tan to match the top and interior.
I tapped into city the light wire, side turn signal wire and ground wire. I used some round female plugs from a parts car to wire the plug receptacle.

I dont understand what "into city the light wire" means.

Im sure its a typo i just deciper the code
Ive learned something new about mercedes. I had no idea there was a city light or what it does ?
Thanks for this educational writeup. Its more than I thought. But im beginning to understand.

So i dont need to put any other lights on or under the front bumper to obtain turn signals
On the front of the car. I just modify the light socket in the side light markers and install a dual filament bulb
and then wire it accordingly.

I ll wait now to see if fonzi can find that thread
1 - 7 of 11 Posts
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