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Parking light plu in

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Could someone point me to where this plug in female is located. I have looked o
All over udneathe the front and can fid nada female hookup


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Plugs into the headlight.

Vacuum euro headlights have no place for this connection.

I think the early non-vac euro headlights do have the plug.

US headlights definitely have the plug.
From Rowdie:
I tapped into city the light wire, side turn signal wire and ground wire. I used some round female plugs from a parts car to wire the plug receptacle.
---------- .

I dont understand what "into city the light wire" means.

Im sure its a typo i just deciper the code

I don't think it was a typo. The "city light" is the small clear bulb under the main h4 bulb. It turns on when you turn on the parking lights. It is intended to be a light used for parking providing a low draw on the battery.

The amber "parking lights" or "side markers" in the US operate in the same way as the city light. So by taking electricity from that to provide light to am amber bulb would provide the desired US functionality.

The blinker bulbs in the amber section provide your blinker light (electricity). All you need to do (if desired) to create side marker lights is to in some way add a "bulb" to the amber section for a side marker, as the euro amber section can be seen from both front and sides.

How do you get a second "bulb" I. The amber section for your side marker? You don't, you swap the turn signal bulb for a dual filament bulb?

But wait, the socket for the turn signal is a single filament? Yes. You have to go down to autozone and buy a socket (or pull the one out if your hideous electrical boxes) and somehow secure that dual-filament socket into the place of the normal blinker socket.

Ok. So then you've got two wires in this new dual filament socket. Where do you connect them? One goes to the wire that ran to the original blinker. The other goes to the city light wire.

Make sense?

I will see if I can find the threads I used when I did this.
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Here's some stuff I found that I documented in my 1973 rolling restore thread.

Edit: it looks like none if that has anything to do with dual filament. Maybe I did it in my SLC convertible thread.


- Installing Euro Headlights to be a reversible change. .................................. WAS going for this look:
Turns out to be more work wiring to get sidemarker-turn signals and under bumper turn signals all to work right. How do we do it? Still trying to find out: Must be easy for some people, and they don't require any wiring mods:
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