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Parking Brake Adjustment - Taking up the slack!

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I just put in new brake pads and rotors, all around on my 2000 ML320. I adjusted the rear brake emergency shoes as everyone says. So that the rotor will not turn and then back off the clicker wheel 4 clicks. The problem is that I have to press the emergency brake pedal almost to the floor. Even then, it does not hold the vehicle when in drive with a bit of gas. I read about that adjuster under the car beneather the front seat area. I can see the allen head bolt thingy in the adjuster. If I'm under the car looking up, which way do I turn to take up some slack, if that is what I need to do.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks [:I]
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The slack adjuster is supposed to automatically take up the slack. According to WIS, you only need to pre-tension it with the allen wrench when you adjust the parking brake, then you release the device and it will automatically take up the slack. I am not sure this is necessary but you could try it, however it is pain to pretension. I believe it needs to rotate counter clockwise but you may need to pull to the front to raise off notch so it will rotate. It will rotate to a point that will latch and keep slack. I hope this makes a little sense.
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