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Pardon the interruption...diesel question

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Briefest background - I've owned and loved my 1980 280GE Gelaendewagen for the past 5 years or so, and with 315,000 miles on the clock I'm thinking about engine work. In the process I've decided to change the engine from my current M110 to a 617.950 3-liter turbodiesel.

I have the manuals on the 617.95- series engines and am getting familiar with the technical differences between the 950, 951, and 952 series motors. I was just wondering if you folks could recommend any good sources for information on these engines, rebuilding, care and feeding, things to watch out for, etc.

I'd particularly like to see torque curves for the different engines, or any of them for that matter. The simple peak specs don't show much of a difference, but I figure there must have been SOME reason for the higher lift cams in the later engines and I'm curious where they pay off.

Anyway, pleased to make all of your acquaintances, and thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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Can you share?

By your answer do you mean you have a manual that shows the torque curve(s) of one or all of these engines? I have the 617.95_ manual and it doesn't show any curves. If you have some you could scan and post, I'd be eternally grateful.

Got some good info

If anyone's interested in this gearhead geek stuff, have a look a ways down this thread:

All the best,

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