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Pano Roof Problem
On my way to work tonight, I decided to open my pano roof in my coupe and I heard this loud crack sound. Now it wont close all the way and only opens about 5 inches. Has anyone had this problem with an '03 model? I think it might have came off track, but not sure. Looks like ill be making a trip to the dealer for my first problem after 2 years of ownership. The thing is that I rarely use the thing, so for it to just stop working all of a sudden is very odd. Any input is greatly appreciated. [:(]
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i had a problem with my sunroof too, but not that major... mine rattled/squeaked like crazy... took it to the dealer and he made some adjustments and its been fine since - apparently sunroof issues on the coupes are semi-common, dont let them charge you to fix it !
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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