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panels under b200

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Can anyone tell me what panels I have to remove so I can get to the sump plug I have removed the middle one that has the 8mm bolts and gives ne access to the exhausts but still don't see the famous 13mm bolt :surrender:

It is on the B200 diesel thanks
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We do speak a different language ..don't we...;);)..nudge..nudge..

...."access to the exhausts" ..I have no idea about why the exhausts are in this oil change here...(if it's an oil change)..

Now if you're trying to "drain the oil from the engine" by removing the "drain plug from the engine oil pan",...then you would indeed remove a 13mm bolt. My oil pan is in full view when viewing it from under the car.

There are no panels to remove "on my Canadian B 200" when viewing this oil pan.

The 13mm bolt is the 'only one' with a thin copper washer that acts as a gasket on this long drain bolt.(on mine anyway)

You will see that it is long only after you start removing it. It's coming out of aluminum, it's built to last and not strip the weak material.

At least that's what I have on my Canadian B 200 petrol.
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Now it would be nice to see all of this turbo or diesel B paneling.

Would you post pics of the true underbody paneling and add a pic of the covered rear and paneled suspension also?
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