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panels under b200

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Can anyone tell me what panels I have to remove so I can get to the sump plug I have removed the middle one that has the 8mm bolts and gives ne access to the exhausts but still don't see the famous 13mm bolt :surrender:

It is on the B200 diesel thanks
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Same here. No panels to remove for oil drain (sump) plug. 2.0 gas/petrol engine though - but I doubt you need to remove panels for the diesel.
Perhaps this is true for the non turbo Canadian B's. As my turbo has full length underbody panelling. To get to just about anything under the car, the underbody panelling must be removed. That's why I went with an oil extractor. Otherwise, I would just creep under the car like all my other vehicles. I thought that all B's had this, but maybe not. Even the rear suspension parts have their own cladding.
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