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painting my break calipers

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If I want to paint my break calipers, do I have to use a special paint? Or can I go to an auto part store and buy some high preformance/high temp paint and it would work? I wouldnt see why not...I have used it before when restoring and detailing cars under the hood, i.e. engine blocks, ect. what do you guys think?

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So aren't mercedes allowed to have freshly painted calipers then?

I have just bought some Silver Folia Tec caliper paint ready for when my new pads and discs arrive that is meant to be good from what i've read, and also it needs to be resitant to high temps. But I wouldn't be surprised if someone has used normal car paint to good effect, i'm not sure.
I've just painted mine and am pleased with the results, the folia tec paint is very good but you have to mix it up with hardener first and the paint starts off looking a bit lumpy in the tin but if you follow the instructions goes on really well. Just need to do the back ones now.


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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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