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Paint chipped , hood

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Have you noticed the paint dings in your hood?
I noticed the Dealership only uses a touch up repair on CPO vehicles.
Planning to find a touch up paint rather than a Sharpie marker
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Why even consider this? Ask your dealer for a touchup pen for your paint code. It's that simple.
Question is?
Is paint chipping common on the newer model paint?
Not ask for the same touch up pin that the dealership uses, ding is still noticeable just not white from the primer. There is a fking chip (8) or more in the hood .
To see it it on a show room floor displayed CPO looks poor.
I'm surprised they even try to cover them. Having seen the state of some supposedly warranted multi point check vehicles, not MB. It's obvious to me that in the cases I've seen, no checks have been done at all. Not even a proper interior clean.
Thank you for your reply
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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