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p2006 Intake Manifold saga

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Greetings all. New to this forum, but a veteran of Jaguar Forums. Yes, I visit those forums more often, as you might imagine.

Ok, here’s the story...’08 E350
Common issue with V6 intake manifold, code p2006. Determined cause as broken pivot lever.
Removed manifold, installed replacement pivot lever and related flap attachments. Reinstalled manifold. So far so good.
Start the car, still idling roughly. Take it for a short spin around the neighborhood. Running like crap, worse than before.
Read codes, and am now getting entire left bank cylinder misfire codes (0304, 0305, 0306). But, the p2006 is gone.
By the way, I did NOT remove the fuel rail when I took out the intake manifold
Go back and check that all fuel injector connectors and coil packs are connected on that bank...they are.
Cleared the misfire codes. Try to start car and I get crank but no start. Read codes and I get “0 dtc”. ?

Any helpful suggestions from those that have encountered this or similar?

Many thanks,
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Knightrider, thanks for the reply. The link you graciously provided regarding the p2006 code refers ONLY to Bank 1 (cylinders 1,2,3 on right side of engine), seems like the internal flaps are the culprit. Those flaps are controlled by their own actuator arm, correct? So, why am I getting misfire codes for all 3 cylinders (4,5,6 on left side of engine) on Bank 2? Seems like I'm missing something.
Deplore, thanks. Always felt that would be the ultimate solution, just trying to understand the issue. The triumph of hope over reality is that there can be a simpler solution. Spend most of my time under the hood of my '00 XK8, first time delving into a Mercedes for a serious issue...
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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