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Assistance please !!!!!

Have a w211 e350 M272 engine with a persistent P0746 and P0750 fault coming on after 30 kms (18.66 miles)
as per my diagnostics-
P0746- Mixture correction additive(bank1) signal not in range
P0750- Mixture correction additive (bank 2) signal not in range

Diagnoses thus far- Tested the secondary pump (is a bit noisy on start up and when actuated)
Cleaned EGR valve.

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Hi Nor74,
My S211 just threw this code on me today.
Were you able to resolve it? What was it?

I have been overdue a transmission service on mine as the last one was 5 yrs ago but been letting it drag on as only done 50K Km.
Hoping just a filter and fluid (full service) will fix it on mine. With a bit of luck, it's just the filter a bit clogged.
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