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2001 SLK 320 auto, 2006 CLS320 CDi.
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Driving to work this morning my CEL came on and I got a P0432 code when I scanned it at the side of the road which is “bank 2 - Efficiency Below Threshold for Main Catalyst”. I cleared the code and did another 40 miles to work without the CEL coming back on but when I scanned again when I arrived it shows P0432 is now pending (not sure when this means).

I had new cats fitted 4 weeks ago and have since done about 1400 miles. The old cats were rattling and eventually blocked, at that time CEL came on and I got codes P0301 302 & 303 showing misfire in cylinders 1,2 and 3 but this has not returned since fitting the new cats and the misfire was put down to the cats been blocked. Nothing else was replaced at the time or since. Car passed 109,000 miles this morning too, new plugs fitted at 100k miles, should I get the O2 sensor replaced anyway at this mileage???

I bought the cats myself and then paid a garage to fit them for me because it was half the price of getting them supplied and fitted locally (I tried to do it myself but couldn’t get the old ones off).

I’ve done a search and some suggest the MAF could be bad (I cleaned it when the new cats were fitted) or O2 sensors on their way out.

Anyone got any ideas or had this problem before? I’ve going to visit family straight from work tonight so have another 150 miles before getting home, anyone in the UK (south wales / west country) know where I can get a MAF or O2 sensors apart from the dealers?

Thanks in advance
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