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P0300 - p0301 - p0303 - p0304 : Cars loses power etc...

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My father 2000 S500 is having a strange behavior. When he starts the car, everything runs fine. He can drive days without problem. However, once in a while, especially when driving hot and on the highway, the car will lose power, starts to shake and the CEL will blink. He needs to pull over and restart the engine and everything gets "ok". I scanned and got the codes above (title). Before I erased the codes, I has 02 as well in the codes. Car has 150k, plugs changed at 100k and this is it.

Thanks for help.
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I'd start with the plugs and coils...

If it only happens when the engine is hot, perhaps the crankshaft position sensor is going bad (but usually that will kill the engine when hot...and then it will start fine once it cools off...then die again when it gets hot again).

Good luck.
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