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2019 2500 Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Van High Roof 170" WB
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My 2019 Sprinter has an over the air update that will not initiate. My Service Advisor has told me this is an "Over The Air Update Only" and dealership will not do anything.

I contracted Mercedes Me Connect Support who manages the over the air updates and they tell me the Service Department needs to do the steps in TIPS document GI82.85-P-072290 to have recall 2021020024 over the air work. However, they will not contact my Service Advisor directly so I am stuck. I cannot get my Service Advisor to talk to Mercedes Me Connect Support. So, I am stuck unable to get a National NTSB recall completed on my vehicle. This has been going on for almost a year.

Here is the message from my local Mercedes Benz Plano Service Department. "The second campaign (2021020024) workshop details are for ‘PDGHERMPOS’ and instructions are to not take any dealer action. Must be the Over The Air update."

Does anyone know where I can get TIPS document GI82.85-P-072290 to discuss with my Mercedes Benz Service Department in Plano TX. I do not have access to XFINITY Mercedes Site where TIPS are kept.


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