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Ok that makes sense.

Btw, my upgrade muffler replaced oem muffler sits in same location. And that chamber behind it is the oem resonator.

(which should likely be retained unless you're upgrading muffler to a 'mild turbo muffler')

I think ML320's have same layout but not sure.

On 2nd Cat delete, I don't know how much detailed layout diagrams emission inspection shops have access to.

IE do they KNOW for example, that certain year ML's had 4 Cats, not 2?

Or do they guess from looking at obvious evidence (bad welds, poor bends) that 2nd Cats have been deleted ?

Thank God, I can't say firsthand as I've been gone from So Cal for a decade now.

I'm sure if you ask politely locally you could find out how hard they enforce it.

Around here, its a "hidden Truth" that Rural "State Inspection" garages are less stringent than big city ones, and I bet thats true everywhere. Hint, hint, lol...

Cheers - David in East Texas

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Please tell me that is fake news! I I I WTF? Not only is it ugly and terrible and bad and ugly... it's not safe at all to run that exhaust like that.

This was a great read and I hope you were able to follow his example because someone should never have touched that car and should never touch anything else...EVER.

Thanks David, great info! Sorry on the delay in photos but I have an update!

I used some QuikSteel from Autozone to patch up what I circled in red in that one photo just to stop the huge leak. Sounds/drives much better but still leaks. Please note I bought the car like this non-running! I don't think I would ever treat a car like this, esp a MB and an AMG at that!

Whoever did this basically permatex'd the crap out of it. The cats are two years old or so and it has randomly added pipes amidships (says 2.000" AL on the side. Aluminium?) fused with the OEM ones then joining with that terrible seam you see. Sound isn't great, when I have this all removed/fixed I want to add the muffler you did and get that Mustang V8 rumble.

I don't know how much of this I can save or if I should get new cats and steel and a muffler. Rear muffler is okay (save for the damn host clamps). Sounds solid and doesn't show any damage from rust or idiot previous owners.

Feedback would be great! I have some more work to do on it to get it road legal before I send it to my neighbor/welder/mechanic's place but I want to get some MB owners input first on how to get this looking and sounding good.
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