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OT: What do ya'll think i should do?

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Well... I got back from my military training, Air Assault... for those of you that remember i was gone for a couple weeks for that. I graduated with honors at the school, good stuff and it was pretty fun! I finished 12th or 13th out of 120 on our 12 mile march. As far as the graduating with honors, it was because my GPA for the academic part was also the 2nd highest.

That is just to update you all on how that went.. But the real problem is this:

While I was gone I found out my job I had with the army working full time is ending. It is not my primary job in the Army, it was just a way to get a full-time pay check working for the National Guard. The job ends the 31st of March, so today. LOL. It was a beautiful paycheck I was making there too. I have no college degree right now, and am probably going to Illinois State this fall semester. I have a couple other military schools between here and there but not nearly enough to survive on. This morning im going to the Unemployment office to try and milk out some Unemployment...

Anyone have thoughts about what I should do with myself?
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Let's talk reality--

You have a good start for a well paying career with great retirement benefits.

The civililan economy sucks and will continue for several years--at least 4 probably 8!

Should you go the distance--your call.

I had the same issues at the end of the Viet Nam Conflict(WAR). Put on my boone dockers, grabed my sea bag and with a cherry Aye-Aye went about getting the job done. Served before the mast for 24 years, 6 months and 15 days.

Started as E-1---retired O4. I have never looked back with out a sense of pride and accomplishmet.

Never a lifer-just a professional!
Had boon dockers and ended up in the wardroom. God dammed Mustang!!!!!! CPO mess all the way shipmate. 24 years before the mast. Somebody had to teach the Ensigns how to don thier OBA's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you all who served. What is amazing is how many of us who served and to the Vietnam vets a special Semper Fi! I missed out by less than 3 years! Watched the fall of Siagon on TV by David Brinkley and Chet Huntley with my dad. Shameful stuff. God bless you guys and for those who now serve in harms way. Not a days goes by that I do not think of the brave youngsters out there now.

Gatzty boy, whatever you do get your degree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the end if a person is not happy all the money in the world will not matter. After I retired I worked as the primary care provider for the founder of Century 21 Real Estate company until April of 2006 when I had to have another back op and cannot work anymore. This guy started the company in 1972 with a 6K loan from his mother in law and sold it to the Trans World Corp. in 1978 for 80M. He is now worth around 200m but has lost his mind and when I knew him was just a miserable old ass.

I used to drive home thinking how lucky I was to come home to such a loving family and it really put things into perspective for me. Things have turned out pretty good for me and my family since I retired but I will never forget that lesson. Get the degree and if given the chance take a job that allows you to travel around the globe while you are young and single. Now that is a good job and a good life for a young single man! Have lap top will travel.

32Krazy, thank you for your service!
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