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OT: What do ya'll think i should do?

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Well... I got back from my military training, Air Assault... for those of you that remember i was gone for a couple weeks for that. I graduated with honors at the school, good stuff and it was pretty fun! I finished 12th or 13th out of 120 on our 12 mile march. As far as the graduating with honors, it was because my GPA for the academic part was also the 2nd highest.

That is just to update you all on how that went.. But the real problem is this:

While I was gone I found out my job I had with the army working full time is ending. It is not my primary job in the Army, it was just a way to get a full-time pay check working for the National Guard. The job ends the 31st of March, so today. LOL. It was a beautiful paycheck I was making there too. I have no college degree right now, and am probably going to Illinois State this fall semester. I have a couple other military schools between here and there but not nearly enough to survive on. This morning im going to the Unemployment office to try and milk out some Unemployment...

Anyone have thoughts about what I should do with myself?
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LOL... i've got no family MWUAHAHAHHAA!

yea the job I have in the military is actually quite excellent. I can start off with 86k a year with a bachelors. A masters degree can get me starting off at 102k
Not bad. Why did I bother with 2 Master Degrees.....
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