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Been getting these emails in my junk folder lately...AGAIN! :mad:
Than a follow up with two more emails...maybe more to come.
Good thing I don't have any pkgs coming from europe.

UPS®Customer Services
55 Glenlake Parkway, NE
Atlanta , GA 30328

Dear Customer,

We regret to inform you that the delivery of your shipment has been suspended for the following reason.

1. In line with new laws, items transiting through the EU are to be fully taxed and are subject to postal inspection by transitting postal authorities.

Concluding the inspection on the package it has been ascertained that adequate duties was not paid on the package.

Your name and email address were on the package for contact details.

Under new laws any package transiting through the EU is liable to full duties

payment.The sender did pay the appropriate courier fee but did not pay adequate duties on the package

the package .We are therefore requesting you pay full duty for the coverage of (Ђ) 119 Euros on the package.

To resume delivery, you are obligated to pay the duties on the contents of the packageYou should therefore contact your assigned claims Officer, Jennifer Watson to assist with the duty payment in
Spain ,where your package is currently being heldBelow is the contact information of your assigned claims

Name: Jennifer Watson
Email address:[email protected]
Tel: 678-701 8046

Note: Duty coverage fees are payable to authorities through your assigned claims Officer.UPS® does not accept fees on behalf of foreign authorities.

When making contact with your assigned claims officer via email or phone please quote reference CB103344915229 and a confirmation of your name and address for for swift location of package details.

The status of your package can be tracked as soon as payment has been confirmed

Copyright © 1994-2010 UPS® , Inc. All rights reserved.

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gotta love the US phone number with a .ir email address

think thats bad? my yahoo account got compromised over here on iraqi election day and sent out 30 different emails to my contact i changed my password...2 days later it did it i changed my password AGAIN and deleted my contacts...7 days later i get locked out of my yahoo email account, password is invalid and the account security outsourced people want to know answers to security questions i made over 8 yrs ago...been going on for 5 days (ish) 1 email back from them every 36 hours...
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